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kath ng pup

Submitted by MARC.POBLETE via FSS on Friday, 28 August 2015, 08:53 AM
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Si kath, ang emo ng PUP, nasa 4’11 lang ata to, chubby, big boobs, mahilig sa itim at may pagka aktibista,.. nakuha nya number ko again sa chatv.. ewan kung bakit nya kinuha, I guess dalagang mahilig sa sex or trip lng..

Saktong walking distance lang ang bahay nila sa warehouse/office na pinapasukan ko sa malibay… mahilig sa chocolate,. Tobleron lang katapat kantot na agad.. hehe,, but seriously bakit kya younger girls prefer older guys? Kung may sasagot salamat.. hehe

We met sa 7-11 malibay around 7pm, past 6pm kc ang uwian ng mga tao ko so saktong libre sa akin ang lugar, I manage everything so may duplicate ako ng lahat, from locks, keys, everything..

I bought her something to eat and syempre tobleron.. hehe.. ang susi ko papuntang langit.. ( I wonder masakit kaya pag pinasok sa girl ung triangle shape tobleron?)

At first tamang kentuhan, getting to know each other, tawanan then hopefully if everything goes well according to plan,.. kantutan…

After ng mga green jokes, tamang palipad hangin I decyded to set up our love nest or should I say sex nest.. I grab empty boxes ng chippy para sa higaan,. Nilagay sa gilid ng pepsi cases for support with matching bulk ng new designs ng uniform na hindi pa na distribute pra gawing unan and the best part.. CCTV… Yes.. cctv na intended for monitoring employees and merchandize sana pero ngyong gabe is aking personal cameraman..

‘ hala! Bakit ditto? Bakit ganyan? Hndi b tyo mag check in? …. Tanong nya
“ wag na, ganun din un.. ska hndi nmn tyo magtatagal ditto dahil nag ro round ang building guard, cge ka pag nahuli tyo dito paiisahin mo yun para hindi magsumbong….
In the end napapayag ko din cya.

Lights,.. camera rolling… action… .. kantutan sa karton.. hehe

‘ fuck tangina nmn.. ang laki ng suso mo, lamas na lamas cguro yan..

‘ bunganga mo nmn,.. kala ko nmn kung sinong gentleman na hindi makabasag...

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Submitted by MARC.POBLETE via FSS on Friday, 28 August 2015, 08:47 AM
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Girl # 25-- cheka

Flashback… I met cheka when she was 15 I think, 3rd year high school near Guada public market, that time mejo bata pa porma nya, she’s into chuck taylor, vans, maong then sesame street design shirts, now I heard she’s into modeling na daw so mejo sophisticated na ang porma. That time nsa 5’5 na ata cya, slim, rounded eyes and rabbit but cute teeth.. ( ung malaki ung two front teeth ). We had few adventure but for me ang pinaka memorable is the first sex.

Saturday evening.. wlang work, bored and horny, I decided to look for someone sa chatv…
‘ hi, 26 working guy ir looking for serious and librated GF for possible meet kindly txt ur FB, my FB poblete_marc@yahoo.com.ph’ post ko sa tv
Tutut! Tutut!... dameng ngtxt.. dameng malilibog hehe.. un pla dameng bading..
“ Hello po, cheka from makati, hirs my fb **^%^%%&.”
Single? Librated? ……Txt ko
Yup single, librated, maybe.. =)..
Ur into meet ups?
Yup cge, punta si mom sa makati cityhall sa Tuesday, maybe we can meet sa guada… txt nya

We agreed to meet sa jolibee guada since taga manda lng nmn ako.

“ hi kanina kpa? Bati ng matangkad na dalaga or dalagita, ewan ko ba kc 15 plang cya, mga 2;30 na yun, late san g 30 min. sa npagusapang 2pm.
Ok lng, babawi ka nmn, sagot ko sabay ngiti,. Saka sulit nmn ako mamaya sa pag fuck sa loob loob ko.

‘Sunduin daw ako ni mommy mmya mga 6pm ha so mejo bilisan ntin, may meeting lang cya sa makati”
Yup cge po.. ( mmya bibilisan kong kantutuin ka sa isip isip ko)
Honestly wla sa muka ni cheka ang gagawa ng ganun. Well educated nmn, galing sa magandang pamilya, muka nmn hndi liberated so nagtataka ako,.. pro hindi bam as nakakalib0og sa ating mga lalake ang ganun?
Iniisip ko palang mga gagawin at ipapagawa sa kanya tigas agad ng alaga ko, nawawala pagka gentleman ko talaga sa libog, the other side of me na wild is taking over my sanity...

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Submitted by MARC.POBLETE via FSS on Friday, 28 August 2015, 08:45 AM
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Submitted by mharcphoblete on Thu, 2013-03-21 06:05
Guys pasencya na sa storya ha.. hindi masyado marunong…

Hi, just call me eds, im already 31. will be having a baby with my wife and living a normal life. Working and I have small biz, anyway enough for my background and lets proceed with this,

lahat ng kwento ko is real, im already 31 so I guess madami dami na din ako experience pag dating sa sex.. Honestly I don’t consider myself guapo but I do have a gifted dick, I had 40 sexpirience in total, (yes that’s right 40) majority are just friends or nakilala tru chatting or FB then wla pa cigurong 10 ang talagang GF ko.. ewan ko ba pro mas nakakapag explore ako sa sex sa mga hndi ko tlaga GF, nakakahiya kc ipagawa sa ung mga kahalayan nsa isip mo.. wildest sex trip, mga ka weirduhan na positions and other request.
Ibat iba ang mga natikman ko those years, may office girl, sales lady, taga fastfood, kalapit district at ang pinaka trip ko mga estudyante.. from feu, to st scho, pup, ue, lyceum, ceu, trinity, ama, naikot ko na ata mga universities and colleges sa metro, ibat ibang lake, kulay, texture na ang nakita at nalasahan ko,.
Let me share u the story of EKAT, 17, near SM north and studying sa isang computer school, cguro nsa pang 30 plus cya out of the 40 girls na naikama ko. Mejo chubby, straight hair with bangs, maputi, and wla kyeme pag dating sa sex or kantutan.. ( mas nakakalibog pag tagalog ). I met her tru chat and we decided to meet one Sunday…

San kna? …..txt nya habang naghihintay sa trinoma

Eto n ko nka black poloshirt, uy ok lng ba talaga na 28 na ko? Saka ung mga promise mo skin ha, hehe…

Oo nga, kaw tlaga, nandito ko nka blue na blouse, white shorts.

Hi, .. bati ko… so tuloy ha.. naghihintay kc mga manyakers, hehe

Oo nga tara na at baka hanapin nako sa bahay mmya

Agad kme pumasok sa tapat ng...

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Sexy Love Part II

Submitted by silversurfer1981 via FSS on Friday, 28 August 2015, 06:58 AM
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Kathy was in her element. I gave myself an imaginary pat on the back. You can't go wrong with RnB nights. I was on my 3rd glass of vodka 7 while she already had four glasses of rum coke. I watched as she glided across the dance floor, her rhythm impeccable and her body commanding attention. She'd raise her hands while nodding her head in time with the beat. I watched how guys would try to strike up conversations with her and how she'd refuse with a short shake of her head and her sweet smile.

She looked hot. There, I said it. I found my cousin hot.

I shifted in my seat to give my erection breathing room. I look up and see Kathy looking at me with a fake confused look on her face. I raise my glass at her and give her a wink. She stuck her tongue out playfully in reply before pointing to the rest room. I nodded and took a sip. Okay, she's not only hot but cute as hell, as well. 

A few minutes later, she slid on the sofa and sat beside me.  

"Kuyaaaa, let's dance! Don't be such a wallflower! Hahahaha!" she said as she hugged my right arm, once again letting me feel her boobs. 

"No way!" I replied as I raised my glass, "maybe after a dozen of these. Maybe!" 

As if on cue, a waiter appeared and placed four shots of tequila on the table. I looked at her and laughed.

She played innocent and said, "Don't look at me! Hahahaha! But since it's here, might as well, right? On three. One, two, three!"

We downed both shots and started laughing. 

"There you go! Loosen up kuya!" she almost shouted in my ear, her face close to mine. 

"Hahaha! Okay but stop calling me ku.."

"Sexy Love! I love this song! Let's go kuya!" she interrupted. She pulled me to the dance floor just as we heard the first line. 

"She makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up."

Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe it was the horniness that got me but i found mysel...

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Sexy Love Part I

Submitted by silversurfer1981 via FSS on Friday, 28 August 2015, 05:02 AM
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Hey there! I previously posted this story on another site under another username. Hope you guys like it. :)


"She makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up."

My phone was ringing. It was my mom.

"Hi, Ma, what's up?"

"Mike, are you busy tonight?" mom asked.

"Um, not really, just planning to go online and play some basketball."

"You know, you've been spending too much time on your PS3. James says your Meralco bill is up from last month."

"That's because James opens the aircon at 6:00 PM and closes it at 7:30 AM. Plus, he spends most of his time here in front of the PC." I answered.

"We gave you and your brother that condo so you can learn to be responsible and since you're older, you should lay down the ground rules. Besides, James needs the computer for his studies."

Mom was right. I have been too lax with James. Mental note: Talk to James.

"Ok, I'll have a chat with him. Anyway, what's happening tonight?"

"Katkat, as you know, has been in Manila for a week now but hasn't gone out to enjoy herself. I'd ask James but he has a retreat in Antipolo. If you remember, your Tita baby was the one who drove us around when we were in San Diego last year. We should return the favor and take her daughter out while she's here."

Hmm... Online NBA 2K13 or a few drinks with the cousin I last saw when I was seven? Meh, why not? I haven't done a good deed in a while anyway.

"Okay, I know a club that plays non-stop RnB during Thursdays. I'll take her there. Where is she now?"

"Your dad and I will pick her up from High Street and drop her off at your place so make sure it's clean!"

My eyes fell on the pizza box still on the table. Four Cheese is the way to go! Yum.

"Oh, it's clean here, mom." I lied.

"Good. We should be there by nine. Lo...

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